5th Collegio Ghislieri Graduate Conference


Scientific Committee: Arianna Arisi Rota (University of Pavia), Flavio Chiapponi(Università di Pavia), Giuseppe Cospito (University of Pavia)

Organizers: Giulia Delogu (Ca’ Foscari University), Antonio Gurrado (University of Pavia), Alessandro Maranesi (University of Pavia), Daniele Amodio (Collegio Ghislieri), Elena Serina (Collegio Ghislieri), Ludovica Taurisano (Collegio Ghislieri)

Keynote speakers: Silvio Pons (Scuola Normale Superiore) and Donatella Campus(University of Bologna)


Collegio Ghislieri Graduate Conference is a multidisciplinary conference aiming to put together graduate students, PhD candidates and early career scholars from different background. It encompasses the historical analysis of ideas in a broaden chronological dimension. To facilitate the scholarly dialogue and exchange each year a core theme is selected. This edition will

explore the theme of Political Communication from the antiquity to the contemporary age in a multidisciplinary perspective. Proposals in the fields of history, philosophy, literature, linguistics, art, political science and law are welcomed.

Proposals may address the following subjects:

  • Reconsideration of concepts (e.g. public, public opinion, ‘political’)
  • Communication and representation/misrepresentation of power
  • Strategies of communication: creation, manipulation and confutation
  • Networks of communication: circulation, spreading and movement
  • Media of communication: visual, written and oral sources


Deadline is December 7th, 2018 (12.00 pm)

Graduate students (Master, PhD students and those who have defended their doctoral thesis not earlier than 2015) can submit proposals for papers of approximately 20 minutes. Participants will be offered accommodation and meals in the college (Collegio Ghislieri, Piazza Ghislieri 5, Pavia). Unfortunately, we will not be able to cover travel expenses. Successful applicants will be notified by December 21st. Please send the following to graduate.conference@ghislieri.it in .doc(x), .rtf, or .pdf format: a cover letter containing the following information: (a) author’s name (b) institutional affiliation (c) contact information, (d) title of the paper.

The title and abstract (around 500 words) of the paper. This should be prepared for blind refereeing i.e. showing no information identifying the author or the author’s institutional affiliation . Pending peer review, the papers will be taken into account for publication


Ideas, Words, Thoughts and their History – 5th Collegio Ghislieri Graduate Conference

Pavia, March 1-2, 2019

Friday 1st March

2.30 PM

Welcome: Andrea Belvedere (Rector of Collegio Ghislieri)

Arianna Arisi Rota, Giuseppe Cospito, Flavio Chiapponi (University of Pavia)


Key note speaker: Donatella Campus (University of Bologna), Celebrity politics: the concept of

political stars in the contemporary era


Ancient and medieval rhetoric

Tadahiro Oota (Kyoto University), The Origin of the “Socratic Method” as Meaning of Consensus-

Building and its Historical Background

Martina Bono (University of Pavia), Not an imperial virtue: civilitas principis as an interpretative

model between senatorial “utopia” and historiographical representation

Pietro Mocchi (University of Kent), ‘Cum adversariis disputando, cum paribus conferendo’. The

Liber de Preeminentia Spiritualis Imperii (1329) by Opicinus de Canistris and its contemporary

political debate

Discussant: Alessandro Maranesi (University of Pavia)

5.00 Break


Emergency and Risk

Francesco Cutolo (Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa), The manipulation of the news about Spanish

Influenza pandemic by the Italian government and the consequences on the population in Italy (1918-


Eric Repetto (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa), Security, Risk and Enemy Construction in Political

Communication: a New Framework

Discussant: Filippo Magni (University of Pavia)



Saturday 2nd March


Languages of power and assemblies

Anna Romsics (Central European University), Communication Breakdown in Feudal France: The

Case of William V of Aquitaine

Daniella Marie Gonzalez (University of Kent), Kepe wel thy tonge’: Communicating authority and

the regulation of seditious speech in 1380s London

Matteo Rategni (University of Pavia), The concept of politics in Germany between XVII and XVIII


Discussant: Giulia Delogu (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)

11.00 break



Cristopher Morash (University of Cambridge), The Young Ireland generation, communications

technology, and the globalisation of Irish


Pekka Kolehmainen (University of Turku), Towards Conceptual History of Rock Music: Rock in the

U.S. Culture Wars of the 1980s

Discussant: Arianna Arisi Rota (University of Pavia)


Not only words

Lorenzo Venuti (University of Florence), We have to become like them: football and communist

party if the second Hungarian Republic (1946-1949)

Lewis Scott (University of Nottingham), Investigating Political Party Change through Visual

Branding: The Case of the Austrian People’s Party

Kristiina Salo (University of Oulu), The images and narratives in two Italian weekly newspapers

regarding the question of Trieste 1950-1953.

Margherita Fontana (IULM, Milan), Minimalism and Political Propaganda: a Dilemma in New York

in the aftermath of ‘68

Discussant: Flavio Chiapponi (University of Pavia)

4.30 break


Key-note speaker: Silvio Pons (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa), Reform Communism as a transnational movement of ideas between East and West (1953-1991)