The Ghislieri is not merely a Collegio: it is a merit-based Collegio. This means that, once the new students have been selected by competition, it is necessary to maintain high university standards: an average marks of 27/30 or more, no grades under 24/30, completing the exams of each academic year by the month of December.

Ghislieri does everything possible to ensure that its students do not have to worry about anything other than studying: there is a refectory service, active 7/7 days a week, with breakfast, lunch and dinner; the rooms are cleaned and the bedsheets changed every week; there are PC rooms with printers and photocopiers, and video rooms well equipped; a lounge where every morning you can find various newspapers and magazines; a large private library, study rooms, a gym, in short, whoever has more than one!

Ghislieri also gives a lot of tools to his students to support them in developing all their potential. In addition to attending courses at the University of Pavia, the students find other training activities in Ghislieri: conferences and seminars, Ghislieri-based courses, workshops… Most of these activities are proposed by the students, to reinforce specific skills and acquire further knowledge.

In Ghislieri it is also possible to compete for exclusive and prestigious international exchanges (Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, etc.). Not only that: the Collegio’s internal language courses (including Italian) are aimed at acquiring certifications. The Collegio also reimburses the cost of any language certification obtained by its students, and grants scholarships for travel abroad if necessary.

Browsing this site you will be able to learn even more about Ghislerian reality.

The Collegio is first and foremost a place to live, and undoubtedly offers the best services to its students. But without its students, the Collegio would not exist.

So Ghislieri is essentially a community of students. The Ghislieriani are prepared, meritorious, enterprising, willing to feed a continuous internal cultural exchange. They personally enrich and train themselves with the goal of all-round growth.  It is a place of deep friendships, of plans, and also of healthy competition.

In this way Ghislieri empowers its students, offers them all the tools to prepare for the world of work and research, demands results but at the same time leaves them free to choose how to create their own path. A trust-based relationship is crucial: at Ghislieri there are no constraints regarding timetables or evening outings, parties are often organised as much as sports tournaments.

At Ghislieri this freedom is an indispensable condition for personal growth and responsibility. In return it asks you “only” to give your best!