Collegio Ghislieri is concerned to facilitate the university studies of its students, who are required to achieve excellent results. To this end, the tutoring activities are entrusted to professors, researchers, PhD students and postgraduate students who offer support and help.

The tutors are mainly addressed to students of the first years who need to develop their own methodology of study, but also to students who want to deepen individual topics. Tutors organize cycles of group lessons, weekly group meetings, and are always available for verification lessons. The tutoring service activated at Ghislieri cover all areas of study.


Dr. Laura Convertino – Biomedical Research Tutor

Dr. Giulia Delogu – tutor of Historical-literary area (modern age)

Dr. Emanuele Dolera – tutor of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Dr. Matteo Rategni – Philosophy tutor

Dr. Alessandro Maranesi – tutor of historical-literary area (ancient age)

Dr. Giorgio Querini – Medicine tutor

Prof. Davide Ravelli – Chemistry tutor

prof. Umberto Stefini – tutor of Social Sciences


In accordance with Ministerial Decree 673/2016, the Collegio Ghislieri offers its students a coaching service by engaging, with the help of expert staff and methodologies tailored to each student, to provide pathways to strengthen all the soft skills essential forevery kind of business and academic career.

Career Service

Ghislieri regularly organizes meetings with researchers and professionals, often established Alumni of the Collegio, but not only. In addition, a mentoring program is offered to support students in their career orientation.