The Centre for Studies and Research on Ancient Rights (“CEDANT”) of the University of Pavia aims to provide advanced training and research in the field of Roman law and the rights of antiquity. It was founded in 2002 and since 2015 CEDANT has been established as a Centre of the Law Department of the University of Pavia and operates in partnership with the Ghislieri Foundation. Every two years, the Centre organises a “Collegio di Diritto Romano” at Ghislieri. If the acronym CEDANT alludes, with its load of confidence in civil virtues, to the Ciceronian emistichium cedant arma togae, the name “Collegio” recalls the fundamental characteristics of the initiative: residency and training of a study community made up of lecturers from Italian and foreign universities, chosen from time to time, according to the topics dealt with, with respect for the wider participation of the scientific community and methodological pluralism, and a closed number (15) of qualified young scholars selected through a public call for proposals.


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Academic Year 2021-’22: Agere per formulas. The Forms and Dynamics of Civil Justice in the Roman World

Collegium of Roman Law – January 2022

For the academic year 2021-’22, CEDANT is organizing the fifteenth “Collegium of Roman Law”, an intensive residential course of study. The “Collegium” brings together, for three weeks in January 2022 at Collegio Ghislieri of Pavia, professors from Italian and foreign universities and early career scholars interested in the proposed theme as auditors.

The professors will conduct a series of seminars – in Italian and in English – characterized by strong educational unity and coherence, and which also represent an opportunity for scholar exchange and discussion. Each participant is invited to contribute actively to the development and pursuit of the research undertaken. A second stage, which will last a week in the month of September 2022, allows the professors and the early career scholars to discuss and critique the research of the early career scholars. The aim is a joint publication in a volume to be published by Pavia University Press.

For the Collegium 2022, CEDANT proposes the theme Agere per formulas. The Forms and Dynamics of Civil Justice in the Roman World, under the direction of Dario Mantovani (Collège de France) and Luigi Pellecchi (University of Pavia).

Further details on the “Collegium” are available by clicking here. Please fill in this form to take part to the event.