In 2003, within the Ghislieri College of Pavia, the Centro Ricerca e Didattica Universitaria was established to coordinate the Collegio’s activities relating to advanced scientific research and training of excellence in several disciplinary fields. In this same area, the Collegio coordinates relations with individuals and public and private, national and international bodies. In particular, the Centre is responsible for the use of funding provided to the Collegio by individuals or public and private bodies for research and training activities or scholarships.

The Centre is divided into several scientific areas: the area of Biology and Medicine, established in 2003, the area of Logic, established in 2004 and the area of Law and Informatics, established in 2005; in addition to these there are the more recent areas of Psychology, Art History, Probability and Statistics, Practical Philosophy. Within each area there is a Scientific Committee, which is responsible for directing research and training activities related to the disciplines to which it corresponds. Each Committee is made up of five members, appointed by the Board of Directors of the Collegio Ghislieri and chosen among distinguished researchers, scholars, Italian or foreign experts. Each Committee may co-opt up to two members chosen among researchers, scholars, Italian or foreign experts of high standing, if this is necessary for the research and training activities that the Committee intends to carry out.

For more information about each area, please refer to the Italian version of this webiste.