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V Contemporary Issues Across Ethics and Epistemology

20giu(giu 20)14:1521(giu 21)17:15V Contemporary Issues Across Ethics and Epistemology

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20 June
14.15 Introduction

14.30 Keynote Speech Pascal Engel (Geneve/EHEES)
On Epistemic Blame

15.30 JoyceFungo (University of Aberdeen)
Triviality, Pragmatic Encroachment, and Epistemic Value

16.10 Davide Sguario (FINO/Vercelli)
Dialectical Obstructionism. How Misinfomation Impairs Collective Epistemic Agency

16.50Coffee Break

17.20 Giulia Cantamessi (FINO/Pavia)
Moral Intuitions and Intellectual Seemings

18.00 Gabriel Malagutti (LanCog)
How the Alien Case refutes Simion’s Testimonial Contractarianism



21 June
10.00 Martin Miragoli (University of Glasgow)
White Ignorance and Environmental Duties

10.40 Eliran Haziza (University of Toronto)
Epistemic Obligations: Positive or None

11.20 Coffee Break

11.50 Michael Vollmer (University of Innsbruck)
In Defense of Object Given Reasons in Epistemology

12.30 Jinglin Zhou (University of Munich)
A Critique of Grand Narrative Genealogy in Moral Philosophy

13.10 Lunch

15.00 Maurizio Mascitti & Luca Ausili (Vita Salute San Raffaele)
Epistemic Gate Keeping for Public Debates: A Dynamic Approach

15.40 Linh Hoai Mac (University of Tennessee)
The Epistemology of #BelieveWomen

16.30 Keynote Speech Matthias Steup (University of Colorado)
Epistemic Responsibilityand Doxastic Control

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20/06/2023 14:15 - 21/06/2023 17:15(GMT+02:00)


Aula Goldoniana del Collegio Ghislieri, Pavia

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