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2nd Ghislieri RESEARCH DAY

05mag14:3017:302nd Ghislieri RESEARCH DAY

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2nd Ghislieri RESEARCH DAY

Saturday, May 5th 2018 – Aula Goldoniana

14.00-14.20 – Ghislieri Research Day Opening
Prof. Luca Arcaini, Head of Department of Hematology, University of Pavia

14.20-14.30 – Anna Markowich, MD graduate, University of Pavia
“Focus on a rare hereditary disease: Hereditary Hemorrhagic Teleangectasia in pediatric patients”

14.30-14.40 – Alba Sommerschield, MD student, University of Pavia
“In vitro lymphoid differentiation: iPSC disease in a dish modeling of RAG2 immunodeficiency”

14.40-14.50 – Silvia Capobianco, MD student, University of Pavia
“Automatic classification of speech and singing during ambulatory voice monitoring using a neckplaced accelerometer”

14.50-15.00 – Ryan Geiser, M. Phil Student, University of Cambridge
“Evolution of alpha-synuclein fibril morphologies associated with familial Parkinson’s disease”

15.00-15.45Lectio – Prof. Graziano Martello
The Giovanni-Armenise Harvard Foundation Fellow, University of Padova
“Chasing cell identity: from embryos to stem cells”


15.45-16.00 – Coffee Break

16.00-16.10 – Lindsay Burton, M. Phil student, University of Cambridge
“Re-Memorying and Identity Formation: Connecting the Dots Between Childhood Reading and Adult Identity”

16.10-16.25 – Chiara Zanchi and Guglielmo Inglese, Ph.D. students in Linguistics, University of Pavia
“Words Matter: The power of words in the public debate”

16.25-16.35 – Marco Morandotti, Post-Doc in Mathematics, Technische Universiat Munchen
“Inhomogeneous evolutionary games: a model driven by replicator dynamics”

16.35-16.45 – Alessandro Scagliotti, Master student in Mathematics, University of Pavia
“A nonlocal interaction problem in dislocation theory”

16.45-16.55 – Riccardo Barbieri, Master student in Physics, University of Pavia
“Binary black hole mergers: accretion disc shape and spin alignment”

16.55-17.20 – Discussion

17.20-17.30 – Conclusion


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05/05/2018 14:30 - 17:30(GMT+02:00)