Supporting Ghislieri means
– Investing in the training and future of young people selected on the basis of merit
– Contributing to the development of cultural, scientific and artistic dissemination
– Supporting the growth of a reality with a centuries-old tradition, active in Italian history for more than 450 years

There are several ways to do it:
– Destine the 5×1000 to the Ghislieri
– Making donations and legacies
– Establish scholarships
– Become a Friend of the Centre of Ancient Music


For the 2020 financial year, with reference to the 2019 tax return, it is possible to donate 5 per thousand of the personal income tax to Collegio Ghislieri.
For this purpose it is necessary to sign and indicate the tax code of the Collegio Ghislieri


in the appropriate section of the tax return dedicated to “Support for voluntary work and other non-profit organizations of social utility, social promotion associations and recognized associations and foundations operating in the sectors referred to in Article 10, paragraph 1, letter a), of Legislative Decree no. 460 of 1997”.
Those who are not required to submit the tax return may, however, make the choice of destination of the 5 per thousand by submitting the form attached to the CU model, in a sealed envelope, within the same deadline as the deadline provided for the submission of the tax return Form UNICO 2019 Persone Fisiche, as follows:

  • at the counter of a post office that will forward them to the Financial Administration. The service of receiving the form from post offices is free of charge;
  • to an intermediary authorized for professional telematic transmission, CAF, etc.. The latter must issue, even if not requested, a receipt certifying the commitment to transmit the choices. Intermediaries have the right to accept the form and can ask for a fee for the service provided.

The envelope to be used for the presentation of the form must bear the indication “SCELTA PER LA DESTINAZIONE DELL’OTTO, DEL CINQUE E DEL DUE PER MILLE DELL’IRPEF”, the tax code, the surname and first name of the taxpayer.
The form must be presented in full even if the taxpayer has expressed only one of the allowed choices (eight, or five, or two per thousand of IRPEF).
In addition, the form for the destination of the eight, five and two per thousand of IRPEF may be submitted directly by the taxpayer using the telematic service.
The choices of the destination of the five, eight and two per thousand are in no way alternative to each other.


By becoming a Friend of the Centro di Musica Antica you contribute concretely to the growth of the musical activity of the Ghislieri Foundation. Supporting the Centro di Musica Antica means:
– Increasing and enriching the cultural offer of Pavia, hosting artists of absolute prestige in the city, as part of the exhibitions and events organized by the Centre;
– Supporting young talents, the future of early music in Europe: thanks to the European eeemerging project, the Centro di Musica Antica hosts every year numerous artistic residencies involving emerging ensembles from all over Europe;
– Bringing Pavia and Italian musical excellence to the whole of Europe: the ensemble Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri, directed by Giulio Prandi, performs in the most prestigious musical contexts in Europe, such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Berliner Philharmonie, the Oude Muziek Festival in Utrecht, the Festival d’Ambronay and many others.
The Club degli Amici del Centro di Musica Antica has access to the Ghislieri Choir and Orchestra rehearsals, takes part in exclusive events, organized especially for supporters, is entitled to reductions on the ticket office of all events organized, can participate in exclusive meetings with guest artists.
You can join the Friends of Music club with one of the following annual fees

  • Friend 50€
  • Supporter 200€
  • Promoter 500€
  • Merited 1000€
  • Patron 2500€

For information you can write to:


For those who would like to do even more, it is also possible to support Ghislieri through the institution of scholarships, donations and bequests, simply by contacting us, writing to or calling +39 0382 3786217. The Foundation is exempt from taxes on donations and inheritances.