Italian Ministry of Education Decree 672 of 8 September 2016 states rules for the accreditation of the collegi members of CCUM (Conference of University Colleges of Merit – It requires each college to have “a scientific committee guaranteeing the training activity, composed of at least 9 members, of which at least two thirds are full and/or associate university professors”. The Ghislieri Scientific Committee is composed as follows:

Andrea Belvedere, Dean of Collegio Ghislieri

Virginio Cantoni, Professor of Computer Vision

Gian Arturo Ferrari, Presidente of the Fondazione Ghislieri

Marco Francesconi, Professor of Dynamic and Psychodynamic Psychology

Elisabetta Galeotti, Professor of Political Philosophy

Maurizio Harari, Professor of Etruscology and Director of the Department of Humanities at the University of Pavia

Giampaolo Merlini, Scientific Director of the San Matteo General Hospital

Pierluigi Minari, Professor of Logic

CarloAlberto Redi, Professor of Zoology