In 2017 the Centro di Musica Antica della Fondazione Ghislieri constituted a Scientific Committee in collaboration with the University of Pavia to support its musicological research activities. The committee aims to enhance and promote an important portion of Italy’s cultural heritage, represented by the sacred vocal repertoire of the 18th century.

Specifically, the Scientific Committee intends:

  1. to systematyse and supervise the research activity of the Centre for Ancient Music, aimed at rediscovering and publishing rare or unpublished scores, making use of the collaboration of scholars, identified from time to time according to the characteristics of the various projects
  2. to create a forum for discussion on the performance and repertoire choices of the Ghislieri Choir and Orchestra, achieving a greater integration between research and performance practice, which is at the basis of the ensemble’s activity

The Scientific Committee of the Ghislieri Foundation’s Centre for Ancient Music is composed of:

Sabine Ehrmann-Herfort, DHI Rome

Maria Cecilia Farina, “G. Verdi” Music Conservatory in Milan

Massimiliano Guido, Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage of the University of Pavia

Raffaele Mellace, Department of Italian Studies, Romanistics, Antiquities, Arts and Entertainment of the University of Genoa

Simone Milesi, Ancient Music Centre of the Ghislieri Foundation (Secretary)

Angela Romagnoli, Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage of the University of Pavia