The University Choir of the Collegio Ghislieri is a choral formation of university students and music enthusiasts of all ages that offers the opportunity to cultivate interest in music in a young, dynamic and highly qualified environment. It is directed by Rossella Policardo with the collaboration of Renato Cadel, vocal coach of the Choir, and is regularly followed by Giulio Prandi, artistic director of the Centro di Musica Antica della Fondazione Ghislieri and director of the Ghislieri Choir and Orchestra.

The musical training within the University Choir of the Collegio Ghislieri has a strong educational vocation on a collective and individual level: the choristers are supported in every production by the Ghislieri Choir and Orchestra artists present as tutors; collective vocal workshops and other meetings are regularly held, and it is also possible to undertake individual vocal technique courses.

During many years of activity, the University Choir of the Ghislieri College has performed a large number of works, starting from the Baroque repertoire up to contemporary music, and has participated in prestigious projects, giving birth to a large number of collaborations with important international artists such as Avi Avital, Sergio Scappini, Mario Marzi, Christian Senn, Bruno Taddia, Carlo De Martini, Riccardo Doni and Francesco Ommassini.

In 2012 it performed the oratorio of Händel Israel in Egypt with the Orchestra Cappella Savaria, conducted by Nicholas McGegan; in 2013, on the occasion of Verdi’s bicentenary, it also performed with the Orchestra “laVerdi per tutti” under the baton of Jader Bignamini; in 2016 it played, at the Palazzina Liberty in Milan, Vivaldi’s Beatus Vir and Arvo Pärt’s Berlinermesse with the Orchestra da Camera Milano Classica.

How to participate

The activities of the University Choir of the Ghislieri College start every year in autumn and take place regularly during the academic year, with weekly rehearsals (one or two) generally held in the Aula Magna of the Ghislieri College. In order to join the University Choir it is necessary to take a preliminary audition. The dates of the auditions, which are generally held in the autumn, are announced on each occasion.

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