Our Association is the only one that does not use the “ex” particle to designate students who are no longer boarders.
A Ghislerian never ceases to be a Student.

Associating means:

  • to continue to belong to one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, the elite of excellence that is the Ghislerian Community.
  • to sustain over time the place that formed us and allow our tradition to continue indefinitely into the future of the generations that will follow over the years and centuries.
  • express your constant gratitude to Ghislieri and your pride
  • prove that you have cultivated and continue to cultivate Ghislerian values
  • keep alive the connection with Ghislieri
  • interact not only with fellow young people but also with Ghislerians and Ghislerians of all ages and backgrounds
  • benefit from the services and conventions promoted by the Association
  • to become mentor or tutor of current pupils and students and to transfer Ghislerian ethics of feeling and living to the Ghislerian youth, together with one’s own cultural background.
  • be constantly informed about the life of the association and contribute directly to it, communicating and voting even from a distance
  • participate in the cultural events of the Association
  • to become ambassador to the civilized world of a great institution of merit

In a word, becoming associated means: to be Ghislerian.