Founded in 1943, the Associazione Alunni Collegio Ghislieri is the meeting-point for Ghislerians aof all times and a true promotional engine for the Ghislieri.

Its goals include:

  1. the defence, preservation and growth of the Ghislerian spirit and tradition. Above all it aims to promote the sense of belonging of the students to the Ghislerian community;
  2. the activation of the spirit of collaboration and solidarity between the the students by maintaining links with the Collegio through conferences, publications and other tools for interaction and confrontation;
  3. the creation and management of institutions and the promotion of initiatives in favour of graduate and undergraduate students;
  4. the promotion of the Collegio’s image and tradition in the civil society with the ultimate aim of affirming and consolidating its cultural and scientific eminence;
  5. the support of Ghislieri’s activities;
  6. the organisation of conferences, courses, seminars open to a large audience, and the publication of Alumni scientific publications;
  7. the management of relations with university and scientific institutions, including foreign ones, in order to facilitate academic exchanges;
  8. the institution of awards, scholarships and funding for students.

The Associazione Alunni Collegio Ghislieri is managed by a Board of Directors. Its current President is the Alumnus Avv. Emilio Girino, Vice-President the Alumna Professor Arianna Arisi Rota. The Secretary is the Alumnus Professor Andrea Belvedere, Master of Collegio Ghislieri.