The Assembly of Members, by resolutions of 28 February 2015 and 21 April 2018, amended the Statute of the Association. The main guidelines of the reform can be summarized as follows:

  • The redesign of the aims of the Association (art. 2) in the light of the increased and changed promotional role of the association – see in particular letters e) and f) – and the enhancement of cultural activities in which the Association is increasingly protagonist (letter h).
  • The redefinition of the categories of Members (art. 3, paragraph 3) maintaining the distinction between Young Members, Ordinaries and Supporters (to which they correspond, obviously, differentiated quotas) and introducing the figure of the Honorary Member, by which is meant the person (even if not a student) or the body distinguished for particular merits towards the Collegio. The Association has also introduced the right to propose to the Collegio the conferral of titles of Ghisleriano honoris causa, attributable only to prominent personalities whose professional and scientific background is consistent with Ghisleri’s values.
  • The provision of “further services”. In fact, it is the Association’s intention to set up instruments that allow for greater interaction between the Member and the Ghislerian community and the possibility for the Member to benefit from new services.
  • The identification of the Member’s duties of active participation. These duties do not require any particular effort or profusion of economic means, but they prove to be useful tools for the promotion of Ghislieri: communication of professional advancements or scientific publications, the willingness to listen to the younger students.
  • The renewed functioning of the social bodies (art. 4 to 9) and the strong accentuation of the democratic profile. For the rest, the President of the Board of Directors of the College and the Secretary and Treasurer terminate their membership by right and have the sole right to attend the sessions of the Board. Only the nine members elected by the Assembly and the two representatives of the students are entitled to vote. All this in order to totally privilege the elective component over the institutional one, and with this to underline the role of extreme and increased importance of the Assembly body in the associative life.

The statute of the association is available for download in PDF through the link at the bottom of the page [available only in Italian].


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